Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hello, I must be Going

I've fallen in love -- with a state,

a seventy-eight year-old lady,

and a four- legged gal.

All it took was two sleepless nights, a thousand mile round-trip, a leap of faith, and a love of nature.

On the way, I paid a visit to Nirvana’s Ohio division,

its proprietor, and her familiar.

In transit, I hoped to save a life.

And fortify my own.


Mary said...

Oh, Molly. Love this.

KGMom said...

Molly--is the four-legged gal one of the puppies? Cute pic.
Tell me more, tell me more...

LittleOrangeLibrarian said...

I like your style. Hope you've got your sleep groove back by now - I'm still working on it.

Murr Brewster said...

I think the lack of sleep jogged something awake!

J Lockyer said...

Great job! I look forward to gathering the pearls of wisdom that will surely be dropped here.

Catbird said...

I'm afraid they'll be more suited to composting than jewelry, Jim.

CNemes said...

Hi Molly Catbird! It was so wonderful to meet you in person, and I was thrilled to see a new post here :) The buzz on teh intarwebz is that you decided to keep Fleagle! I have lots of pictures of the puppies (if you need more for posterity; though I'd bet Connie got the best photos, of course) and have been "awww"-ing over them at least once a day. Any word on the others? Did you get them to their new home(s) all right?

I think I fell in love with WV, too (though after my car broke down it might just have been a case of Stockholm Syndrome). Can't wait to hear more about your new bundle of fleas! (And her compostable "pearls"....ewww)